An intelligent Thief
Starting Statistics
LVL 18 HP 903 Mana 100 STR 90 ATK 89 WILL 80 DEF 123 SPD 127
Extra Information
Age 28
Gender Male
Class Thief
Race Elve
Faction None
Weapons ,
Armors All
Accessories All
Unique Elrond's Bow

Trickster is a well known Elve who uses he's elven skills to steal other peoples good.He's an extremly defensive fighter. Skills==

Skills Edit

  • Woodcloak
  • Stealgauntlet
  • Animal Summon
  • Binding Roots

Location Edit

You can hire him in Thessa for 6000Gil. After hiring, you will find him in front of the Magicianroom of the Earthcastle.

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