I will protect the Waterorb with my life
Starting Statistics
LVL 5 HP 218 Mana 52 STR 90 ATK 84 WILL 57 DEF 53 SPD 57
Extra Information
Age 19
Gender Male
Birtplace Kalindor
Class General
Race Human
Faction Water
Weapons [[Swords,Claws]]
Armors All
Accessories All
Unique Nymphclaws

One of the Generals of Loyrance Castle. Has pledged herself to Athlum, as her mother before her.

Background Edit

One of the Generals of Loyrance Castle, Sora is the only female general, she's member of the Nypmhclan that has served the Waterkingdom for ages. A brave warrior, she leads troops into battle with courage and vigour. She is always trying to better herself and others, while continually striving for justice. Despite her stern exterior, she is a strong figure to Zero, and looks after him as if he were her own brother.

Skills Edit

  • Crashing Rain
  • Healing Water
  • Watershot
  • Giant Waterwave
  • Wave of Poseidon
  • Watercyclone
  • Waterwave

Weapons,Armors & Accessories Edit

Sora can use Claws and Swords and every Accessory and Armor.

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