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My destiny is to protect the Orblords
Starting Statistics
LVL 10 HP 518 Mana 67 STR 110 ATK 108 WILL 70 DEF 97 SPD 80
Extra Information
Age 22
Gender Male
Birtplace Asdion
Class General
Race Berserk
Faction Earth
Weapons [[Maces,Axes,Hammers]]
Armors All
Accessories All
Unique Keroshammer

Leader of the generals in the Earthcastle, and the Earthkaiser 's right hand. It is unknown why a berserk, infamous for their pride, works for an Orblord.


Reiji is a Berserk, a race known for its incredible Strength. His bodysize make him a powerful battlefield presence. The berserk race generally keeps to themselves, making it unusual that Reiji would work for the Earthkaiser in such a prominent position. He is nonetheless a loyal servant of the Earthcountry and is 's right hand in the fight against Necroshade. His past experiences have made him strong, but at the same time have left him emotionally detached from others.


  • Stones of Atlas
  • Rising Earth
  • Earth Wall
  • Earthpillar
  • Earthtail
  • Stoneshot
  • Earthquake

He also has an unique skill:

  • Rage

Weapons,Armors & Accessories[]

Reiji can use Hammers,Maces and axes.He also can uses ever accessory and armor.