A child of light
Starting Statistics
LVL 20 HP 1129 Mana 89 STR 150 ATK 143 WILL 85 DEF 145 SPD 93
Extra Information
Age 26
Gender Male
Birtplace Somewhere in the Deva Kingdom
Class Knight
Race Deva
Faction None
Weapons [[Swords]]
Armors All
Accessories All
Unique Broadsword of Sun

Brock is a deva , a clan which is filled with proud where the mighiest of all Signers,Sorkati,ruled.He is a Knight one of the lower Deva Clans,who uses holy closerange attacks.You will not be able to visit the Devas in Elementos I.


  • Enlightning
  • Holy Cross
  • Heal
  • Angels Blessing
  • Piercing Sun


You can hire him in Iranis for 10000Gil. After hiring, you will find him in the north part of the Earthcastle.

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