A child of darkness
Starting Statistics
LVL 15 HP 694 Mana 139 STR 90 ATK 84 WILL 142 DEF 83 SPD 80
Extra Information
Age Unkown
Gender Male
Birtplace Somewhere in the Asura Kingdom
Class Necromant
Race Asura
Faction None
Weapons [[Swords]]
Armors None
Accessories All
Unique 6 Sword of the Asura

Amskar is an Asura , a clan which is quiet reservedly where Baltazar ruled.He is a Necromant one of the lower Asura Clans,who uses a lot of mystic arts you will not be able to visit the Asuras in Elementos I.


  • Shadowpossesion
  • Darkness
  • Silent Gas
  • Nightmare
  • 6 Punishment of Belzebub


You can hire him in Uruya for 4200Gil. After hiring, you will find him in the norteast tower of the Earthcastle.

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